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July 8, 2020  

Episode 28: Framing the Concept

Physical art colors the world around us -- literally! But how do we translate that into the written word? This week, we explore the difference between art and craft, art for public consumption versus private enjoyment, political messages in portraits and sculpture and graffiti, and how those details can communicate the values and trends in the world you're writing.

Transcript for Episode 28 (Thank you, scribes!)

June 24, 2020  

Episode 27: Potpourri 2: 2 Pot, 2 Pourri (Welcome to Season 2!)

We begin Year 2 of the podcast by answering questions from listeners and introducing our new co-host, Cass Morris! We chat about architecture, city design, profanity, and other topics that may well spin out into full episodes as the year goes on. If you're new to the podcast, welcome! This is a great place to start. If you're a devoted follower of the podcast, welcome back! We're delighted to have you tuning in.

Transcript for Episode 27 (thank you, scribes!)

June 10, 2020  

Episode 26: Take Pride in your Worldbuilding featuring K.A. DOORE!

Guest K.A. Doore joins us to talk about queer worldbuilding! What are ways to think about approaching queernorm in crafting second world fantasy? What ripple effects does normalizing queerness add to your world?

Transcript for this episode (Thanks again, scribes!)

May 28, 2020  

Episode 25: Rebel Scum and the Evil Empire Featuring ANDREA STEWART!

Fabulous guest ANDREA STEWART joins us to talk empires and rebellions, including the worldbuilding for the empire in Bone Shard Daughter! Don't miss this episode--it's revolting. In the best way possible.

Transcript for this episode

May 13, 2020  

Episode 24: Dress for the Quest You Want Featuring MELISSA CARUSO!

Whether you're outfitting a fictional warrior for battle, a farmer for work, or a hapless Hobbit for a very long walk, the pragmatic and aesthetic elements of and individual's clothing and gear are an essential part of fantasy worldbuilding! Join us as we chat with Melissa Caruso (author of the Swords and Fire trilogy and, forthcoming, The Obsidian Tower).

Transcript for this episode

April 29, 2020  

Episode 23: We Are Gathered Together Featuring TOCHI ONYEBUCHI!

People can make a ceremony out of just about anything--life events, accomplishments, afternoon tea. Why, and how, and what can it convey about the world our characters live in? Featuring TOCHI ONYEBUCHI!

Transcript for this episode

April 15, 2020  

Episode 22: First We Eat (Featuring CASS MORRIS!)

We've finally done it--we're talking about food! Buffets of food description are a fantasy trope, but why is food so important to worldbuilding, anyway?

Transcript for this episode.

April 1, 2020  

Episode 21: Medicine and the Concept of the Body (Featuring FREYA MARSKE!)

Bodies may not be technically required in fantasy, but most of our characters have 'em...what medicine and concept of physical health and self do they have?

Transcript for this episode

March 18, 2020  

Episode 20: When Two Wizards Love Each Other Very Much… (feat. Cat Sebastian!)

On this week's episode we're joined by the fabulous romance author Cat Sebastian while we do some SEXY worldbuilding. With, like, slow jazz and shit. Saxophones. Rose petals on the bed. The whole thing. Get cozy!


The transcript of this episode is available here!

March 4, 2020  

Episode 19: Triskadekaphilia

On today's episode, we're doing a deep-dive and building up that Thirteen Families culture that we mentioned a little while back! From the ground up, here we go!


The transcript of this episode is available here.

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