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August 17, 2022  

Episode 83: Using Our Vacation Time

August 17, 2022

Here in the dwindling days of summer, we want to know: what do the people in your world do on vacation? Are they relaxing by a beach, wandering museums, hiking in the wilderness? Unpacking that idea ties into a surprising number of other worldbuilding concepts, including economy, labor, and transportation.

In this episode, we explore some of the conditions that even allow for vacation to be conceptually available, the practicalities of arranging time off, and whether or not you can board your dragons and griffins in a kennel. Then, we apply these concepts to our co-built world and decide what vacation looks like for the Fjallaniri, the Al’notliri, or Griasta Man.

Transcript for Episode 83 (Or so the intention goes. Would you like to help our scribal team? Send us an email!)